Hi-fi Audio Meets Pro-level DJ Performance

If you want high-fidelity sound, but demand pro-level DJ performance, the Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP should be at the top of your list. Along with a bevy of DJ-friendly features, this turntable boasts a near-bulletproof chassis, wall-shaking bass performance, and a super-responsive direct-drive motor. A height-adjustable S-shaped tonearm ensures balanced operation, while a mass-damped, die-cast aluminum platter minimizes unwanted ringing and resonance. An AT-HS6 universal headshell, AT-XP3 DJ cartridge, and 0.6-mil conical stylus extract every sonic detail from your vinyl. And essential features like a stroboscopic platter, forward and reverse operation, variable pitch control, and a pop-up stylus target light make the AT-LP140XP a top choice for performing DJs.

Built for high-fidelity sound

First and foremost, the AT-LP140XP is built for high-fidelity sound. Its direct-drive, high-torque servo motor includes speed stabilization and an adjustable dynamic anti-skate control to ensure consistent playback. Its durable die-cast platter is mass-damped to lessen ringing and unwanted vibrations, while reducing low-frequency feedback coloration. What’s more, an AT-HS6 universal 1/2”-mount headshell and an AT-XP3 DJ cartridge with a 0.6-mil conical bonded stylus unleash truckloads of brutal bass and aggressive mids. At Sweetwater, we’re blown away by the AT-LP140XP — its sound far outperforms its price tag.




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