Behringer 923 FILTERS


RD-9 Rhythm Designer

We’ve been talking about this drum machine for a long time and have made plenty of assumptions about its features. However, the RD-9 now has its own product page on the Behringer website and the full details are in.

The tag line is that it’s a classic analog/digital drum machine with 10 drum sounds, 64-step sequencer, Wave Designer, and Dual-Mode Filter. You get 11 sounds in total with all the drum sounds being analog generated and the cymbals being sample-based. It can handle up to 10 simultaneous voices; the Roland TR-909 did 12 I believe.

The Bass drum gets two extra knobs for Pitch and Pitch Depth which sets the frequency of the Bass drum and the amount the pitch is affected by the pitch envelope. The hi-hats also get a bit of tuning control otherwise, the individual drum sound controls mirror the familiar layout and functionality of the TR-909.

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Behringer 923 FILTERS


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