Behringer BI-PHASE


The Behringer Bi-Phase is a dual analogue phaser and an authentic recreation of the classic phase shifter made popular in the 1970s. Phase shifters have been favoured by many of the greats from Eddie Van Halen to David Gilmour for their swirling soundscape and trippy ring-modulator like sounds.

Housed in a sturdy metal enclosure, the Bi-Phase can add anything from a subtle sweep to a spinning rotary speaking effect to your sound at the turn of the Rate knob. With twelve opto-couplers for highly intense and natural effects and two sweep generators with Rate and Shape controls, the Bi-Phase will unlock possibilities that are simply out of this world!

Key Features

  • Classic phase shifter for guitars, keyboards and other instruments
  • Authentic recreation of the popular phase shifter from the ‘70s
  • 12 opto-couplers for highly intense and natural effects
  • 2 sweep generators with Rate and Shape controls
  • CV input for easy control with external sources
  • Integrated dual footswitch with bypass function for ultimate signal integrity
  • Rugged and reliable metal construction
  • Runs on Behringer PSU-SB DC power supply (not included).


Behringer BI-PHASE


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