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Let the Cleaner Streaming Begin

The Behringer BV44 USB Condenser Mic is a rugged, approachable microphone that’s perfect for podcasts, live streams, and acoustic recording. Sweetwater streamers really enjoy this mic’s warm throwback design, a tribute to Hollywood’s golden era based on the iconic Type 44 broadcast mic. Perfect for high-impact, low-profile home use, the BV44’s built-in noise reduction circuit and high directivity design provide superior audio that amplifies what’s in front of the mic and nothing else. This complete package includes a shielded USB-C cable and an adjustable tripod, so you’re ready to record right out of the box.

The condenser difference

The best tool for recording voice-heavy audio or acoustic instruments is almost always a condenser mic like the BV44. Its flat, wide frequency response produces audio that’s accurate to your actual voice or instrument. The BV44’s onboard noise reduction circuit and cardioid polar pattern take your streams and podcasts to the next level by cutting out much unwanted background noise, even in shared spaces and close-quarters situations.

Rugged storage and stability

The BV44’s matte black chassis and silver chrome grille with matching tripod is a winning blend of vintage inspiration and modern design. The microphone’s slim profile is made for rapid setup and easy storage which makes it ideal for use in multi-purpose spaces. With durable die-cast construction, the BV44 is set for long-term durability, and it looks sharp with minimal upkeep.

Behringer BV44 USB Condenser Mic Features:

  • Vintage styling based on the Type 44
  • Condenser design with high directivity and cardioid polarity — perfect for podcasts, streaming, and acoustic recording
  • Silver chrome and black color scheme
  • Rugged die-cast construction
  • Includes shielded USB cable and heavy-duty tripod
  • Built-in noise reduction circuit minimizes room noise for clearer audio.

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Behringer BV44


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