Behringer VIDEO MIC


VIDEO MIC – Premium Camera Microphone

Whether you are a journalist, podcaster or video blogger, the VIDEO MIC fulfills your need for a very capable camera-mount microphone. The VIDEO MIC is a compact, ultra-slim, lightweight microphone that empowers you to shoot videos with high-quality audio. The VIDEO MIC has a high-quality condenser capsule with a cardioid pickup pattern matching the view in front of the camera while attenuating distracting sounds in the vicinity. The housing of the VIDEO MIC is made from high quality copper alloy for durability and a high level of RF rejection.

A Versatile Microphone

The VIDEO MIC works with DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras, video cameras, smartphones and most audio recorders and provides a high-quality vocal performance at a friendly price well within everyone’s budget. With a high-quality resonance tube design, the VIDEO MIC performs better than many other microphones and captures more natural sound. The short length of the VIDEO MIC makes it very practical to carry around. A high-performance camera shock-mount eliminates handling noise. The axial ball and socket joint comes in handy for accurate positioning towards the audio source. The discreet windscreen also eliminates wind-noise during outdoor recordings.

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Behringer VIDEO MIC


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