TC Electronic TC1210-DT


TC Electronic TC1210-DT Desktop-controlled Plug-in Features:

  • Desktop-controlled plug-in brings the legendary TC 1210 to your DAW
  • Dedicated desktop interface with intuitive hands-on control and visual feedback
  • Meticulously modeled on the TC 1210 Spatial Expander + Stereo Chorus Flanger rack unit
  • Exceptional modulation effects for a thick, warm, and lively sound
  • Extremely musical widening effect grants a radically spacious stereo image
  • Includes artist-built signature presets for inspiration and instant character
  • Input/output meters give straightforward monitoring of audio activity
  • Full mono downmix compatibility perfectly suited for stems and full mixes
  • Offers DAW automation and project recall support
  • Tactile interface provides simple control of cutting-edge effects
  • TC’s 3-year Warranty Program
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark.

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TC Electronic TC1210-DT


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