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About Us


At Phasers, we have one thing in mind, and that is our customers! This has inspired our desire to always provide you with genuine and professional sound gear and musical instruments at Affordable prices.

Why and How we started

Phasers Integrated Systems was established in 2007 as an engineering consultancy firm. It provided various consultancy services including project management, technical feasibility analysis and operations systems audits.

The founder, who had garnered good experience as a sound engineer had long been providing training and voluntary sound reinforcement services to various houses of worship and musicians. The growing demand for his services along with his passion for music and sound led him to diversify the main stay of the business into sound and media systems integration and contractor services provider by 2011.

With limited availability of certain critical sound equipment and the advent of counterfeit products, the business ventured into international product dealerships & imports for its projects. The international dealerships in combination with our knowledge in room acoustics and sound systems modelling and simulation had allowed us to undertake various successful projects to diverse clients. 

Along the line, the company launched its retail shop from where it sold and distributed various pro-audio equipment and musical instruments.

What we do

We distribute and sell Pro-Audio (PA) Equipment, Musical Instruments (MI) and provide professional consultancy and training services in the area of Sound Engineering, Building Acoustics, Event Production/Project Management and Media Systems Integration to various organizations.

Our Mission

Phasers Integrated Systems exists to equip musicians with authentic, original and high valued musical instruments that bring out the best of their talents & creativity;

We design cost effective, loudness optimized, acoustically balanced, intelligently sounding and state-of-the art equipped venues for organizations;

We equip musicians and sound techs with the latest methods, technical support and hands-on training for effective delivery.


We value each customer whether big or small

We treat each customer fairly and ethically with a long term perspective in mind

We sell and deal in genuine and authentically sourced products

We follow up on our products and ensure they provide a delightful experience and bring success to our clients

We hire high-valued personnel and train them to become better

We believe and espouse diligence, integrity and faith in God


Our services include:

·        Technical Sales

·        Sound Reinforcement Training

·        Acoustical modelling

·        Sound System modeling using EASE

·        Auditorium acoustic treatment and sound proofing

·        Sound system analysis, design and installation

·        Equipment repair and servicing




International Partnerships & Dealerships

Our current dealerships include:

·        DAS Audio – Spain (Loudspeakers and Amplifiers)

·        Proel SA – Italy (Loudspeakers, Audio Accessories, Musical Instruments)

·        Grassi – Italy (Wind & Brass Instruments)

·        Tamburo –Italy (Drums)

·        Darestone –Italy (Guitars, Percussion and Accessories)

·        Vox Meister – Italy (Violins & String Instruments)

·        Skulzkabel – Germany (Audio Cables & Connectors)

·        Dexibell – Italy (Digital Piano & Keyboards)

·        Sonor Drums – Germany (Drums & Drum Accessories)

·        Warwick Bass – Germany (Bass and Electric Guitars)

·        EBS – Sweden (Bass Amps, Effects and Strings)

·        Audio Technica – Japan (Headphones & Microphones)

·        D’addario – USA (Drum Sticks, Drum Heads & Strings)

·        Ansmann Energy- Germany (Batteries and Power Supplies)

·        Music Tribe - Malaysia (Midas Mixers, Klark Teknik, Behringer, Tannoy, Lab Gruppen etc.)


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